We deeply know our product and we add a commitment to the final consumer, jealously executing and controlling each step so that our meat arrives there, how, when and where it is requested.

Exquisite is natural

We are an agro-industrial, family business, run directly by its own owners, dedicated mainly to the breeding, fattening, slaughter and export of sheep meat, although we are also dedicated to beef.

About us

The cattle are carefully raised in rich pastures that guarantee the fattening of the animal and the quality of its meat. Two main objectives that are possible thanks to the fact that the soils of our fields are closely controlled, under absolutely natural production conditions.


Once finished, our herds are raw material that, when processed, is transformed into a product of superior condition that we are proud of.

Our way of working

Frigorifico Lorsinal S.A Story

Frigorifico Lorsinal S.A. is a Uruguayan meat processing company specializing in the exportation of high-quality beef and lamb to various countries worldwide, including China, the European Union, the United States, and Russia.

With a legacy dating back to our establishment in 1965, our headquarters are based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Our efficient operations boast a processing capacity of 1,000 head of cattle per day, and we are proud to employ over 400 skilled professionals.

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Our Values

Focus on the client

Total commitment with internal and external clients embracing your priorities like ours. We act with integrity and do the right thing regarding our products and procedures.


We treat everyone how we like to be treated. We are guided by our ethical principles.


We constantly encourage the offer of innovative solutions and we look for excellence in everything we do. We develop these capabilities throughout the organization, in the pursuit of fidelity of our internal and external customers.


Our behaviors and behaviors aim to make us learn with our mistakes, so as not to commit them again. We motivate dialogue with our customers and suppliers, helping us to generate confidence, in addition to improving as professionals and people.

As a prominent supplier in the global market, Lorsinal holds an unrivaled position. We strive to deliver exceptional products, characterized by superior quality and produced sustainably.